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Top Acupuncture in Stamford 30 Years Experience Dr. Jing Jiang . MD China

Licensed Acupuncturist, Dr. Jing Jiang



Dr. Jing Jiang was a MD in China for 20 years practicing as an internal doctor at Sichuan People's Hospital in Chengdu. She graduated from Traditional Chinese Medical University of Chengdu, which is  one of top medical universities in the country with both a Master's Degree in Western Medicine and Chinese Traditional Medicine.

Work Experience

After one year of residential work at University Hospital, Dr. Jiang started her doctor position at People's Hospital of Sichuan in 1984. She has built up internal medicine as her specialty, and soon became one of the most outstanding young doctor who practiced both Western Medicine and Chinese Traditional Medicine. In 2005, Dr. Jiang immigrated to United States to continue her medical practice as a licensed acupuncturist in New York and Connecticut. She has successfully established Jing Acupuncture & Pain Management in Fairfield County, Connecticut. She has also established Wall Street Acupuncture for Pain Management in New York.


Pain Management (Arthritis, Frozen Shoulder, Migraine Headaches, Tennis Elbow, etc.)





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